Vassal Knights are those knights who posses a fief - land to be held on behalf of their liege. The land received by a vassal knight may be either a gift or a grant.

A vassal knight holds at least one manor and its land. This gives him enough income to provide his own food and equipment, and supports him economically. He usually lives on his land, which has a nice (but not extravagant) hall, when he is not serving his share of castle garrison duty, serving summer active duty time, or visiting court to offer his advice.

Benefits of Social ClassEdit

A vassal knight usually receives a wife (if he does not already have one) soon after gaining his holdings, completely at the will of his lord. The woman may be the heiress of other lands, or simply be provided to maintain stewardship.

A vassal knight has a higher price for ransom than Bachelor Knights, and is thus more likely to be spared in a fight.

Perhaps more importantly, a vassal knight’s economic future is secure beyond his life. A knight with a land grant receives the knowledge that his heirs, should he have any, can inherit his property and status after he dies.