The Tooth of St Germanus is a Christian relic.

History of St GermanusEdit

Germanus was a Bishop from the continent. Shortly after the Romans had withdrawn from Britain, a assembly of bishops chose Germanus as part of a group going to visit the island. It was alleged that heresy was rife among the British clergy and Germanus went to combat the threat & satisfy the Pope that the British church would not break away from his teachings. The bishops debated with the British clergy and, despite having no popular support, Germanus was able to defeat them using his superior rhetoric.

Germanus stayed in Britain and later led the natives to a victory against a Saxon army in Cambria. After baptising his troops he ordered them all to cry 'Alleluia!' The sound apparently so terrified the invaders that they fled before battle could be brought.

Relic's PowersEdit

The Tooth of St Germanus is said to spread fear in the hearts of heathens, just as St Germanus did in life. When presented by a faithful Christian who chants 'Alleluia!', even the most valorous of Saxons feels a supernatural compulsion to retreat.