Sir Seithenin
Full Name Sir Seithenin
Culture Cymric
Region Cambria
Social Class Knight Banneret
Gender Male
Sir Seithenin is a knight of Cantref Gwaelod.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Seithenin is an older knight and was a loyal vassal of King Gwyddno Garanhir. He often acted as the direct servant of the king, including taking his drunken lord to his bedchamber.

History Edit


Present for the Logres ambassadorial visit. Accompanied them on hunts and other daytime activities. Finished the Wine of Noah so as to prevent his Lord being rendered drunk from it, thusly spoiling Queen Tryamor treasonous plans.


Witnessed the burning of Queen Tryamor and her curse on King Gwyddno. Was part of a small delegation of knights from Cantref Gwaelod at the battle of Lindsey.


Was part of the king's contingent that came to St Albans to fight alongside the Logres knights against the Saxons. Tried with Sir Madog to save his king when he was poisoned along with the Logres lords by Saxon treachery, but failed. Later returned to discover that Gwaelod had sunk beneath the waves, as per Tryamor's dying curse.