Sir Madoc ap Uther
Coat Of Arms Vert Bend Sinister Or, Two Addorsed Dragons Or, A Label Gules
Full Name Sir Madoc ap Uther, Prince of Logres
Culture Cymric
Region Logres
Social Class Prince
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Family Characteristic Keen Sighted
Year Born 455
Year Squired 470
Year Knighted 475
Year Died 491 (age 36)
Sir Madoc ap Uther was the bastard son of King Uther Pendragon and heir presumptive to the throne of Logres

Appearance and Personality Edit

Prince Madoc had dark features. He was ambitious - generous to his followers but skeptical of newcomers and ruthless to his foes.

History and Family Edit


History Edit


Lead a raiding party which, by Admiral Gwenwynwyn's fleet, travelled the coast of Britain attacking Saxon navies and burning their boats.


Lead the army of Logres to Frankland alongside the troops of Praetor Syagrius. Sacked the city of Bayeux then left, against his father's promise to the Praetor.


Led the army of Logres against Duke Goloris at Castle Terrabil. Died in combat, slain by Duke Goloris. Was buried at Stonehenge.

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