Sir Lycus
Coat Of Arms Per Bend Or And Gules
Full Name Sir Lycus
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Vassal Knight
Land Owned Five Manors
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Year Born 457
Year Squired 472
Year Knighted 479
Year(s) Married 487 (Lady Elaine)
Sir Lycus is a vassal knight from Salisbury.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Lycus is a loyal friend to his allies but can be a poor man to have as a foe. When a new clutch of knights appears, he often ends up picking a fight with one of them.

History Edit

486 Edit

Challenged Sir Aeron to a duel after an argument over the poor quality of Aeron's armour - Sir Aeron won and claimed Lycus' armour as a prize.


Took part in the naval raids on the Saxons and acquited himself heroically. In recognition of his great deeds, Earl Roderick awarded him the hand of Lady Elaine in marriage - giving him four Demesne Manors.


Was challenged by Sir Aeron to a duel after an argument over Aeron's refusal to get pregnant and many bastards with servants and commoners. Sir Lycus comfortably won, knocking Sir Aeron off his horse and claiming the honour.


Acquitted himself well in the Battle of Terrabil. Vouched for Sir Rhodri's heroism in slaying Duke Goloris. Was part of the temporary garrison at Terrabil.

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