Sir Leander
Coat Of Arms Ermine A Cock Head Couped Purpure
Full Name Sir Leander
Culture Frank
Region Orléans
Social Class Vassal Knight
Land Owned 1 Demesne Manor In Estrgales, Two Demesne Manors And Three Enfeoffed Manors In Salisbury
Gender Male
Eyes Dark
Hair Long black curls
Family Characteristic Good with horses
Year Born 465
Year Knighted 489
Year(s) Married 496 (Lady Indeg)
Heir(s) Leander Jr

Sir Leander is a Miles made Vassal Knight from Orléans in Frankland. He currently lives in Sarum, married to the rich widow Lady Indeg.

Personal HistoryEdit

Leander is the seventh son of a household knight and owns no land or any money to speak of. Seeking his fortune, he travelled to the court of Earl Roderick of Salisbury where he hoped to meet a host of wealthy women and prove his worth as a fighter.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Leander is devastatingly handsome and is fully aware of this fact. With his smouldering dark eyes and long black curly hair, he rarely has any trouble charming people into doing what he wants or charming women into bed. He is always dressed in the absolute height of fashion (currently a purple silk suit and a full length ermine fur coat) and takes great pride in his appearance, whatever the situation. Although of proud nature and given to excessive indulgences in both drinking and gambling, Leander is an honest, decent soul who fiercely stands by what he believes in. His driving goals are fun and merriment but, while he never actively sets out to cause trouble, trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes.


Leander is excessively proud of his jet black charger Elaine, who is always bedecked in a flashy array of purple ribbons and rosettes. He currently wears chainmail armour with an open helm (always polished to a mirror sheen) and carries a sword, lance and dagger.

Character HistoryEdit


Ever keen on material possessions, Leander volunteered to go raiding on behalf of his Liege Lord and ended up spending all of his money on a set of fashionable clothes, made from the finest purple silk. Meanwhile, his eldest brother was killed in battle, causing much distress and sorrow within the family.


Leander caused a local scandal when he managed to sire three bastard children with peasant women in as many months. On hearing of the unrest in the village, Leander's third eldest brother stepped in to defend him, but was killed by an angry mob. Leander fled the scene and ended up in Bayeux, just as battle with the army of Logres was coming to an end. Impressed with the bravery and panache of the Cymric knights, Leander struck up a friendship with Sir Bar and persuaded him to be allowed to travel back to Sarum so he could present himself to Earl Roderick of Salisbury and swear his allegiance.


Although his foreign ways and manners were initially misunderstood, Leander quickly made friends with several knights at Sarum court. Determined to prove his bravery, he challenged Sir Elad to a duel and, although defeated, earned the respect and approval of all who watched. Along with his new friends, Leander was sent to Cantref Gwaelod to act as an ambassador, and narrowly avoided a diplomatic incident when Queen Tryamor attempted to seduce him. For appearing to resist her charms and unmasking her treachery, King Gwyddno Garanhir rewarded him the gift of a charger (which Leander gave to his Squire) and a letter commending his chastity and honour. Riding back victorious, Leander was Knighted by Earl Roderick, which brought him to the attention of the rich Lady Indeg. Their newly blossoming romance was marred later on however, when news reached Leander from home that this Mother was rumoured to be involved in a murder.




Fought in the Battle of St Albans


Was pressured into marrying Lady Indeg by the newly promoted Sir Rhodri, who considers his behaviour inappropriate. Travelled to Estregales and fought the Knight of the Tusk alongside Sir Morien; though injured in the process, he brought home a great reward for Countess Ellen and was rewarded with the gift of Indeg's hand. One final condition for this was his conversion to "a religion of Britain": so he has sworn to uphold the traditions of British Paganism, Indeg's religion, rather than his own Germanic Paganism.

Also coined the nickname "Buveur du Lait" for Sir Rhodri.


With new-found wealth, hired both a stylist and a story-teller all the way from France at great expense.


Arrived at spring court dressed in eccentric new fashion: at the advice of his stylist Jean-Paul, came in a "sundial"-style hat. Managed to start a new trend for large hats based on his spectacular entrance. Alas, the winter was less kind and two of his children by Lady Indeg perished.