Sir Amig
Coat Of Arms Argent Ten Pellets Three Over Two Over Three Over Two
Full Name Sir Amig
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Knight
Land Owned Tilshead
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Year Died 508
Sir Amig is a knight from Salisbury. He is the Castellan of Tilshead, a castle built to defend the county against the witches and monsters of the nearby forests.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Amig is an older man, scarred and with a noticeable limp, He is the veteran of many battles.

History Edit

485 Edit

Led Sir Aeron, Geriant, Madog, Rhodri and young Elad in the Battle of Mearcred Creek.

486 Edit

Was referee for the duel between Sir Aeron and Sir Lycus

508 Edit

Died in the Battle of Netley Water.