Sir Albanus
Coat Of Arms Azure A Eagle Or
Full Name Sir Albanus
Culture Roman
Region Norwich
Social Class Equites
Gender Male
Year Born 466
Year Died 487
Sir Albanus was a knight from Norwich. Forced out of his land by the Saxon invasion, he came to live in Salisbury but died shortly after his knighting in 487.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sir Albanus was a quiet knight who was not the most physical of men but was an excellent orator and expert in skills that could be written down, including a surprising knack for the art of chirugery.

Sir Albanus was a passionate Roman Christian and his serious spiritual side made him a friend of Sir Rhodri.

History and Family Edit

Sir Albanus was the second son of his family who were forced out of Norwich by the Saxon invasion and thusly lost his rightful land. He and the rest of his family's surviving members travelled south to Royal Court in Sarum and were taken in by Earl Roderick.

History as a Knight of the Realm Edit

487 Edit

Was knighted by Earl Roderick, who asked Sir Rhodri and Sir Elad to help him settle into Salisbury. Travelled on Prince Madoc's coastal raid of the Saxons where a boarding party slew him. His remains and sword were taken back to Salisbury were Sirs Rhodri, Elad and Madog contributed to the erection fo a tomb.