Ruler Countess Ellen (caretaker)
Capital City Sarum
Part Of Kingdom Of Logres
Culture Cymric

Salisbury is a county of Logres and the home county of several of the knights of this story. It is east from Silchester (boo!), their county rivals.


Locations Of NoteEdit

  • Ambrosius' Dike: Aurelius Ambrosius, the first Pendragon and brother of Uther, built these massive earthworks as a part of a defense system against the Saxons to the east. Too large to be manned as walls, these were used to observe the moving army, hinder its approach, and hide an ambushing defensive army. They now mark the northern boundary of the county
  • Amesbury Abbey: Aurelius Ambrosius established this monastery, which is still supported by royal funds. It is a double-abbey, having facilities for both men and women. Although this is within the county, it is actually a fief of the Church and contributes no income to the earl.
  • Camelot Forest: This is a dense forest that forms the southern border of Salisbury County. It is inhabited by both normal and fabulous beasts.
  • Colingbourne Wood: This woodland is a favorite hunting place for knights and commoners both. It probably has no exotic animals or faeries.
  • Devizes: This is a market town with a motte-and-bailey castle. It is about 1 to 2 days’ ride from Sarum.
  • Sarum, Capital City
  • Stonehenge, Ancient Druidic Site
  • Tilshead, a fortified settlement
  • Vagon Castle
  • Yarnbury: This is one of many ancient earthworks. It encloses almost 30 acres within its bank and ditch. Every Beltaine, the local peasants bring all their cattle here and drive them between two big, smoky fires in a pagan ritual.

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