Praetor Syagrius
Full Name Praetor Syagrius
Culture Roman
Region Frankland
Social Class Praetor
Land Owned Kingdom of Neustria
Gender Male
Praetor Syagrius was the last Praetor of the western Roman Empire. Ruling from the city of Soissons in Neustria, in northern Frankland, he held his land until the year 485 when he was finally ejected.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Praetor Syagrius has an imperious attitude - he views himself as the leader of the last remnants of civilisation in a barbarous era.

History Edit


Visited British courts, including Logres, to seek support for retaking Frankland. In return for being put back on his throne he was offering half the treasury of the Franks - but King Uther and other British lords are too worried about local affairs to contribute troops.


Convinced King Uther to contribute troops - half the British army, lead by Prince Madoc, comes to Frankland and lays siege to Bayeux. However, Madoc refuses to honour his father's agreements and departs after that rather than press on to Soissons. Praetor Syagrius curses Madoc and presses on alone with his own troops.


News comes to Britain that Syagrius' troops were routed at Soissons. He is believed captured by the Franks.

OOC InformationEdit

Syagrius really was the ruler of this region at about this time of history. Wikipedia has more information.