Coat Of Arms Or A Lion Passant Purpure
Ruler King Pellinore
Capital City Carmathan
Part Of Kingdom Of Cambria
Culture Cymric
Norgales includes all the northern mountains, hills, and forests of Cambria. It is populated by many small, warlike, fiercely independent clans whose loyalty is never permanent, except to the holder of the Crown of the Ordovices.

The six tribes of this small mountain kingdom in northern Cambria are often part of Gomeret; sometimes they are independent kingdom; sometimes its king rules over Gomeret.


  • Snodonia is the area around Mt. Snowdon, the holy mountain of Cambria. Rugged and steep, its slopes and nearby valleys still hold many secrets of faerie lore.
  • Dinas Bran is an ancient hill fort which is the traditional seat of power for the kings of Norgales
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