Lady Jenna
Coat Of Arms Barry Azure And Ord
Full Name Lady Jenna
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Noble
Gender Female
Family Characteristic Good With Animals
Year Born 477
Lady Jenna is the daughter and eldest child of Earl Roderick and Lady Ellen of Salisbury

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lady Jenna is a young, pretty noble girl. She has little power and is treated to some extent as a prize for her father to hand to a favoured knight or use as a bargaining chip with a lord, despite her own feelings for Sir Rhodri.

History and Family Edit

Lady Jenna has a younger brother, Robert of Salisbury.

History Edit

486 Edit

Danced with Sir Rhodri.

487 Edit

Again danced with her friend Sir Rhodri, but Rhodri was unused to a faster "jig" style dance and embarrassed himself. Received a gift of jewelled dancing shoes from Sir Rhodri at Christmas.

488 Edit

Asked Sir Rhodri to bring her back a gift from France - was given French lace from Bayeux.

489 Edit

Was seriously offended by the absence of Sir Rhodri from court this year - she had gone to the trouble of having a new dress made form the lace he had gifted her.


Made an attempt to kiss Sir Rhodri while tending to his wounds. The two professed their love for each other, but Sir Rhodri convinced her it would be inappropriate for him to betray his lord by loving his daughter without his permission.


Swore to Sir Rhodri that, if her father made her marry any man but he, she would never let that man enjoy her favour.