Lady Gwiona
Coat Of Arms Per Pale Azure and Ermine On The Dexter A Bezant
Full Name Lady Gwiona
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Gender Female
Lady Gwiona is an heiress in Salisbury and the second handmaiden of Lady Ellen. Her last four suitors all were killed in war shortly after proposing to her, but the priest says she is not really unlucky

A man who married her would receive two Demesne Manors as dowry.

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History Edit


Was wooed by Sir Geriant despite her reputation. She was very receptive, even before his assistance in the retrieval of Excalibur, but Sir Geriant refused to take advantage of her.


Sir Geriant went to war in Frankland and returned alive, with a gift for his amor. Lady Gwiona starts to reconsider her status as "cursed".


Earl Roderick informs Sir Geriant that in a year or two's time, if he continues to serve well, he may reward him with Gwiona as a wife.