Lady Ellen
Coat Of Arms Barry Azure And Or
Full Name Lady Ellen
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Countess
Gender Female
Family Characteristic Good With Animals
Year Born 461
Year(s) Married 476 (Earl Roderick)
Lady Ellen is the wife of Earl Roderick, the ruler of Salisbury and the liege lord of the initial player knights.

Appearance and Personality Edit


History and Family Edit

Lady Ellen has a husband, Earl Roderick, and two children - Lady Jenna and Robert of Salisbury.

History Edit

476 Edit

Married Earl Roderick. Their first daughter, Lady Jenna, was conceived shortly afterwards.

484 Edit

Robert of Salisbury is born.

491 Edit

A second son is born.

495 Edit

Earl Roderick dies in the poisoning after the Battle of St Albans. Until Robert comes of age, she must rule as a regent in the child's name as Countess of Salisbury.

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