King Uther Pendragon
Coat Of Arms Vert Two Addorsed Dragons Or
Full Name King Uther Pendragon
Culture Cymric
Region Logres
Social Class King
Land Owned Kingdom Of Logres
Gender Male
Height 5'4"
Weight 122 bs
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Family Characteristic Keen Sighted
Year Born 437
Year Squired 452
Year Knighted 457
Year(s) Married 491 (Lady Ygraine)
Year Died 494 (age 57)
Heir(s) Son (Kidnapped By Merlin)
King Uther Pendragon was the ruler of Logres and member of the Supreme Collegium between 480 and 495. He was also king of Logres, taking on the role after the death of his brother Aurelius Ambrosius.

King Uther died at the infamous feast after the Battle of St Albans. As he died without an heir (except the son which Merlin kidnapped) his crown is currently unclaimed.

Appearance and Personality Edit

King Uther had a shock of red hair and a powerful physique. He was a half-hearted British Christian but one with a respect for the Pagan faith - he often consulted Merlin for his wisdom.

History and Family Edit

King Uther was married to Lady Ygraine, whom the kign openly lusted after when she was married to one of his vassals.

He had a single bastard son, Sir Madoc, prior to getting married - for a long time he was heir presumptive until his death in 491.

A legitimate son was birthed by Ygraine in 492 but he was kidnapped shortly after birth by Merlin; his whereabouts are unknown.

History Edit

455 Edit

Sired Sir Madoc, his bastard son, while still an 18 year old squire


Went to war with Duke Goloris over this violation of hospitality. Lost his only son in the battle. Married Lady Ygraine, Goloris' wife, a month after the cessation of conflict.


Sired a son with Ygraine, who was kidnapped shortly afterwards by Merlin. Sir Rhodri, Sir Aeron, Sir Elad, Sir Madog and Sir Geriant were put on trial by the king for aiding Merlin and found innocent; but her exiled Merlin from Logres on pain of death.

493 and 494Edit

Uther's health took a decline following the loss of both his sons. Nimue, a Lady of the Lake, was called to tend to him.


Led the army at the Battle of St Albans from the rear, carried on a litter. Was able to succesfully defeat the Saxons, but died along with almost all his nobles at the infamous feast when the wine was poisoned.

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