King Pellinore
Coat Of Arms Or Crusilly Azure
Full Name King Pellinore
Culture Cymric
Region Norgales
Social Class King
Land Owned Kingdom Of Norgales
Gender Male
Year Born 455
King Pellinore is the famous master hunter, eternally seeking The Questing Beast. He has long abandoned his official role as king of Norgales in Cambria.

Appearance and Personality Edit

King Pellinore is somewhat eccentric. He has the thick accent of a posh gentleman, ending sentences with multiple superfluous "whats".

Pellinore is obsessed with the hunt for The Questing Beast to the exclusion of all other activities.

He is often in a raggedy state from his eternal hunt, but still manages to keep his moustache waxed.

History and Family Edit


History Edit


Hunt took him to Silchester during royal court. There he joined with Sir Aeron, Sir Elad, Sir Geriant, Sir Madog and Sir Rhodri for a time, including visiting the Isle of Beasts.

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