King Gwyddno Garanhir
Full Name King Gwyddno Garanhir
Culture Cymric
Region Cambria
Social Class King
Land Owned Kingdom of Cantref Gwaelod
Gender Male
Year(s) Married Queen Tryamor
Year Died 495
Heir(s) Gwalchgwn
King Gwyddno Garanhir was the last ruler of Cantref Gwaelod before it sank beneath the ocean..

Appearance and Personality Edit

King Gwyddno was glutinous and in particular could not resist alcohol. He quickly drank himself into a stupor at almost every gathering, leaving Sir Seithenin and the servants to take him to bed.

The King did not drink alone, however. King Gwyddno was especially hospitable and happily put on lavish feasts and splendid entertainment for his guests. He also enjoyed putting on spectacle to such events - his servants all wore matching uniforms in bright white and red cloth.

History Edit


Hosted an ambassadorial visit on behalf of Logres. Let his guests sample from the Wine of Noah. Refused to guarantee any troops to King Uther, but did promise to consider some sort of aid. Sir Aeron from Salisbury unmasked the King's wife, Queen Tryamor, as a traitress; the King confronted her and rewarded the knights for their honesty.


Sir Seithenin reports that the King had Queen Tryamor burnt at the stake for treason. As she burned, she turned from a beautiful woman into a withered old crone who cursed him that he would be the last king of Cantref Gwaelod, and that the land would be destroyed on his death.


Attended wedding of King Uther Pendragon and Lady Ygraine.


Joined the British army in person, along with Sir Seithenin, for the Battle of St Albans. Survivied the battle but died of poison at the victory feast, along with many Logres nobles. As promised by the curse, his land did not survive him and was sunk beneath the waves by a storm that destroyed it's flood defences.