Earl Roderick of Salisbury
Coat Of Arms Barry Azure And Or
Full Name Roderick
Culture Cymric
Region Salisbury
Social Class Earl
Land Owned County Of Salisbury
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 162 bs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown (Thinning)
Family Characteristic Surprisingly Deductive
Year Born 450
Year Squired 465
Year Knighted 471
Year(s) Married 476 (Lady Ellen)
Year Died 495
Heir(s) Robert of Salisbury
Earl Roderick of Salisbury was the ruler of Salisbury and the liege lord of the initial player knights. Residing in Sarum for a notable portion of the year, his progress took him around his lands. He was killed by Saxon treachery, poisoned after the battle of St Albans.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Earl Roderick was an energetic lord and a passionate follower of Uther Pendragon. He always mustered to battle when called and was considered an excellent general, having proved himself against the Saxons of the east.

History and Family Edit

Earl Roderick had a wife, Lady Ellen, and two children - Lady Jenna and Robert of Salisbury. Because he was a former suitor of his wife, a strong grudge remained between Roderick and Sir Blains, Steward of Levcomagus.

History Edit

476 Edit

Married Lady Ellen. His first daughter, Lady Jenna, was conceived shortly afterwards.

484 Edit

Robert of Salisbury, his heir apparent, is born.


A second son is born.


Died in the infamous feast after the battle of St Albans, poisoned by Saxons.

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