Duke Corneus
Coat Of Arms Or An Eagle Displayed Vert
Full Name Duke Corneus
Culture Cymric
Region Lindsey
Social Class Duke
Land Owned Duchy Of Lindsey
Gender Male
Heir(s) Duke Derfel
Duke Corneus was the ruler of Lindsey and a member of the Supreme Collegium. He died after the infamous feast at the Battle of St Albans in 495.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Duke Lindsey was a reluctant vassal to King Uther.

History and Family Edit

The Duke was a widower - his first wife died in childbirth. He was one of several nobles who had shown an interesting marrying Lady Jenna of Salisbury.

History Edit

487 Edit

Was visited by King Uther Pendragon. Lindsey had been a relucatant (and sometimes disobedient) vassal for some time, but on the presentation of Excalibur he rose to his feet and swore fealty again.


Was present at the Battle of Lindsey. Held celebrations in his home court after the victory.


Attended funeral of Prince Madoc.


Trapped in Lindsey over the winter as a result of a Saxon siege.


Managed to escape the siege and travelled south to join the British army in battle at St Albans. Survivied the battle but died of poison at the victory feast, along with many other Logres nobles.