Coat Of Arms Vert A Bear Rampant Argent
Capital City Cirencester
Part Of Kingdom Of Logres
Culture Cymric

Clarence is a duchy in Cambria. It contains the counties of Clarence and Marlboro.

Clarence is one of the richest and most prosperous lands in Britain. It includes the Cotswalds Hills, part of the Salisbury Plain, and surrounding forests, but gets most of its wealth from taxing trade which enters Logres from Cambria, and passes along the King's Road.

The land of the duchy formerly included Gloucester but that land defected to a Cambrian king. As such, there is a great rivalry between Clarence and Gloucester.


  • Bourton is a stop along the King's Road.
  • Cirencester is the largest city of the region, located where two of the King's Roads meet. It is the primary seat of the Duke of Clarence. An old-style castle guards the city, which has only a ditch and wooden palisade to protect it.
  • Wandborough is a city on the northern Salisbury Plain, a stop on the King's Road. It is unwalled.
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