Player Characters This Year


Years Of Campaign Play
Previous Year 485
This Year 486
Next Year 487

Summary of EventsEdit


  • Sir Rhodri bets with Sir Madog on Sir Aeron's duel; Madog must pay to feed the poor of Sarum a hot meal.
  • Sir Geriant Makes Good Progress Flirting With The Unlucky Lady Gwiona; Sir Elad Is Less Charming With Lady Adwen
  • Sir Rhodri Finds The Young Lady Jenna Quite Taken With Him And Dances With Her
  • While On Garrison Duty, Sir Madog Presides Over A Legal Disputes Between A Farmer And A Tinker
  • Sir Madog Observes That Sir Rhodri's Uncle, Steward Of His Lands, Seems To Treat Rhodri Somewhat Coldly When He Surprises Him By Returning
  • The Three-Headed Giant Was Fought To Retrieve A Giant Goat The Size Of A Horse On The Salisbury/Silchester Border. Sir Rhodri took out an eye; Sir Elad beheaded the beast.
  • The Goatherd Was Really Merlin Who Requested They Join Him In The Forest
  • There They Fought A Nuckalavee - His Many Arms Wounded Them But Together They Wounded Him, Sir Geriant Landing The Killing Blow
  • After Receiving Excalibur At Christmas, Uther Was In High Spirits - £1 Of Silver Was Awarded To Each Knight
  • Merlin Mentioned To The Court That The Knights Helped Him Retrieve Excalibur - Suddenly The Ladies Became Much More Interested in The Knights
  • All Last Year's Construction Work Was Completed Successfully
  • Sir Geriant Has A Terribly Year Of Farming, With Poor Weather
  • Sir Madog Marries A Noble Lady; He Acquires A Further Manor
  • Sir Elad and Sir Aeron sire love children - a daughter on a handmaiden by Elad, and twins on a serving wench by Aeron
  • Sir Elad Starts The Clearing Of An Orchard Using Special French-Imported Sees; Sir Aeron Commissions A Statue Of Himself; Sir Madog Orders His Labourers To Build Him A Mews